Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Its been a while since my long absent from the blog-mosphere & I promise I'll resume my blogging habit more frequently.

I felt a bit helpless on the culture of queuing up, especially when I discovered that people tend to line up “whenever, wherever & whatsoever”. Although we seem like really get use to it, but I still feel kind of pathetic. I hate wasting time in waiting by queuing.

Working Days:
Morning- We queue along the traffic light, along the toll, queue at the petrol station, & even queue to get taxi/ bus/ LRT.
Afternoon- We queue during lunch, queue to pay parking ticket.
Evening & Night- We queue on the road & toll again, buying dinner…etc…

Rest Days:
We queue on the road, queue to get their car parked, queue for movie tickets, fitting room, toilet, ……..etc.
We just can’t stay away from the word “QUEUE”.

Imagine, by accumulating the time we spent on queuing, the precious time can be utilized for other stuff that are more meaningful, like sleeping may be? Err...probably not a wise option, or may be rest or relax, or may be something useful?

I just hate queueing up... just hate it... $#^¥ø‰‼ﮤ*$&*^#)(@(%&(#%&*#.....

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