Monday, April 26, 2010

¼ of a century, shall I celebrate?

I don't celebrate much on birthday after my 18th birthday, not because I'm afraid of getting old, but it really seems like a normal day for me, just a normal 24 hours, just like the other normal day, birthday just didn't make the day special in anyhow.. The only occasion to be remember on the birthday is- it is the day of remember how your mom suffer on giving birth, just like how we remember Jesus on the Good Friday, is not the sake of celebrating, is the day we remember the pain & suffer.

So, just like a normal day, I'm officially live thru ¼ of a century and I'll be converting my skin care regime to anti-aging series soon. Its been a routine birthday for me as usual (at least for the pass 5 years), wake up at noon, having brunch at hawker center, spending the afternoon shopping with mom & sis, have a sinful ice cream moment (3 scoop of Haagen daaz ice cream), family dinner, & the end. It just like the other Saturday, it is damn routine and the only special moment of the day was I brought a pretty cute legging at RM7.90, so cheap that I wanna cry (I love bargain)...

Lately, I've been wonder what have I done for the past 25 years of my life which is remarkable and make me proud of myself, to be frank, I cant think of any, I didn't appear on TV, I didn't represent my country or won anything, I didn't have a high pay cheque, I didn't even own a car...etc and the list will be damn long if I continue to write what I didnt or what I haven't......No doubt, in my pass 25 years, I didn't achieve anything great but after my deep thought, there is still ONE great achievement that make my birthday worth to be celebrated...

To celebrate I'm still alive.

I've gone thru ¼ of a century, still able to do what I love the most- eat, sleep, travel, movie, music, books, still able to love, feel, touch, hear and see, still have my beloved family and friends, still be able to dream and hope for the good, and of course able to make myself happy and feel motivated.

¼ of a century, shall I celebrate?
Yes, of course, to celebrate 25 years I've been living on this beautiful planet, cheers...

Happy Birthday to me..

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